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We keep the members of our recruitment department always trained and updated on the latest trends in resource management to attract the best talents in the market to make it available for our clients and keep them with us.

The best talent in the market and place it at the disposal of our clients, thereby guaranteeing the to our clients and thus guarantee the faithful fulfillment of policies and productivity objectives.


Training exclusively focused on specific clients’ projects.


Complete benefits package, unique in the industry.


One-on-one training with associates and supervisors.
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Continuous Training

In order to keep our employees aligned with our clients’ productivity goals, the education department executes a program that establishes continuous training to ensure that our employees are updated on new trends in the service industry and client retention.

Personnel Journey

Our personnel journey is structured to create a direct link with our Callmax family values and generates engagement with the clients’ brand.


Updated testing processes for all applicants’ tests are conducted in addition to the required passing scores for typing, computer skills, reading assessments, written and oral English interviews.


Background checks such as local police and military contact (in the area or country), references from previous employers and drug testing as part of the pre-hire process.


Incentives for meeting KPIs, metrics to be measured, company’s and client’s policies and procedures expected to be followed by the new agents and all the Human Resources guidelines are explained during the training process.


Our trainers have 12+ years of experience working in the contact center industry for clients from different fields, technical support and sales for clients of different industries, surveys and telecommunications.

On Job Training

Once out of training, our new hires go through OJT which allows them to put into practice their new knowledge while being supported by our team leads and monitored and coached by our QA staff.


We created a dynamic, participative and inclusive work environment, where our collaborators have the opportunity to be part of the organization’s decisions to meet the collective goals.


We audit calls per week per agent. Our QA staff does live monitoring throughout the day for immediate feedback and to let production know what the calls are about or if the agents needs refreshers.


QA Management provides all the necessary tools to the QA analysts to generate reports to view individual, team, project and company’s performance. Providing feedback and coaching to motivate continuous improvement.


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