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Our solutions are tailored to your business needs.

Customer Care

Customer experience is about people, processes and technology. At Callmax we integrate all these components to provide higher first-contact resolution rates, happier customers and stronger brand loyalty. Not only are our Customer Care specialist smart, but they provide a personable and empathetic experience—building brand value and delighting customers at every interaction.

Tech Support

Our primary focus is on quality and first call resolution to ensure a positive experience for every customer. We are very selective during the hiring process to ensure a higher level of education and experience which translate into faster and better first call resolution and customer satisfaction. We empower our agents to respond to customer questions faster and with greater confidence. We hire the smartest, tech-savvy, problem solvers who can make the toughest technical issues simple for your customers. We specialize in Troubleshooting, Level 1 and Level 2 Support, Complaint and Problem Resolution, Help Desk Support.


Responsive non-voice services are an essential part of today's modern customer experience that is why our agents are trained to excel at interacting with customers ensuring that an angry customer doesn’t turn into a lost customer. We combine the convenience of chat and email technology with personable and professional problem solvers to reinforce brand loyalty in real time.


Callmax specializes in Back-Office processes including Data Capture, Document processing and Digital processing. Our solutions deliver processes that ensure compliance and reduced time. Data arrives in your system sooner allowing for faster processing times and a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Work at Home and On-Site

Fully protected devices that ensure the level of control and quality location independence with a proven remote infrastructure. This gives our customers peace of mind in moments of crises. Tried and tested by our staff during the pandemic, our sophisticated Work-From-Home Agents solution provides a safe, secure way of working that gives you great cost savings and even greater access to skilled talent everywhere.

Quality Assurance

The QA team reviews calls, chats, and emails with each agent and provides regular feedback to help them and their supervisors ensure compliance, and to assist with performance improvement. Our QA Team is essential to ensuring that our agents meet the standards set forth by both Callmax and our partners. The QA Team works with managers, supervisors and their agents to review contacts, provide coaching tools and to ensure that the customer experience is exceptional.

At Callmax what we can do for you

Customer Satisfaction

We help you connect with customers and exceed their expectations.

Reduce Customer Attrition

We turn your clients into promoters supporting your long-term growth.

Premium Talent

We recruit the most highly-qualified talent for your business.


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Our solutions are tailored to your business needs.